Mini Drugstore Makeup Review

**No boyfriends were hurt in the making of this blog**
Picture this… you’re travelling around for a month, living out of a suitcase. Just you and your boyfriend. You’ve reached your next destination and really need the bathroom. You say to your boyfriend “Would you mind grabbing my beauty case from the bus before it leaves”. 
The next day, you go to do your makeup but can’t find the beauty case anywhere. Guilty boyfriend walks in and says “I left it on the bus“. If ever there was a time for you to rip out your hair, it’s now. Hundreds of dollars worth of makeup and beauty products are in that case which is now more than six hours away!
Well ladies and gents, this happened to me just this weekend. Being me (unable to live without my face) this is an issue but at the same time also a blessing. Yes you now have to spend a heap to buy your staple items again BUT it’s also the perfect chance for you to try something new! So, without further ado, I give you a review on the products I bought to tie my over until the company can get my beauty case back.
Rimmel Match Perfection Translucent Powder.
This powder seems to do the job in that it has kept my foundation and concealer in place all day with no creasing or anything! The packaging is pretty standard but there’s a cap over the powder which you need to keep in order to keep the sponge out of the product. There’s also no separation between the powder and the brush which made things quite messy when I was trying to get the (inevitable) excess powder of the brush. I’m pretty sure I inhaled more powder in one sitting than I’ve ever done! However, for the mere price of $15.95 I’d say you’re getting a great quality product.
L’Oreal True Match Concealer and L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hr Matte Foundation
Okay so I’d be lying if I said this was a product I’ve never tried before but hey, once you find your perfect foundation and concealer it’s hard to stray! I absolutely adore this combo and use it every day no matter the occasion. The foundation stays matte all day no matter what you’re doing, even if you’re exercising (I know… working out in makeup – sin #1). I find that a little goes a long way with this foundation but the concealer tends to run out quite quickly. Coming in at $19.95 for the concealer and $29.95 for the foundation, I’ve found these to be the most affordable products with a high end feel.
Revlon Diamond Stippling Brush
So I’ve never used Revlon brushes before (BH Cosmetics has my heart) but I honestly thought this would be better than it was. As I used it, I found that A LOT of hair was coming out of the brush and getting stuck in all sorts of places on my face. Not only were these long brush hairs but a lot of little hairs were coming off as well. The brush also has a lot of give when using it on the face so I found it quite difficult to blend. I was quite surprised by this brush as I consider Revlon to be quite up there in terms of drugstore makeup but this was just genuinely disappointing. In my opinion, the $13.95 for the brush was not justified.
Models Prefer Brow Fixer Clear Gel
I was genuinely surprised by this product. I usually fill in my brows with a powder and then use a coloured brow gel. However, this somehow made my brows look AMAZING! Like I’m talking filled in, even, no gaps and under control. The mascara brush was great at separating the hairs whilst still keeping everything neat. The product doesn’t saturate the brush either which allows for build-ability and no clumps! I paid $9.99 for this bottle but it’s much better than the price alludes to.
Fifth Avenue Black Mascara
This mascara formula is amazing, not to dry, not to liquidy, not clumpy on the eyelashes and glides on like a dream. The brush however, is not my cup of tea. As you can see from the picture, the bristles are in a patter of short, medium, long and then back again. This means that the eyelashes tend to all get clumped together and doesn’t allow for the natural wispy look I like on my lashes. I wish that the company had stuck with the traditional mascara wand as with the formula, I feel like the product could’ve been ten times better. However, for $7, I shouldn’t have expected too much
Models Prefer Liquid Liner in Jet Black
This was another product that was a bit odd. The formula is great; not to runny and glides on smoothly. The brush was just plain weird. Normally with liquid liners the brushes a made of fine hairs that mould to the eye and allow for a clean crisp line. This liner brush is a plastic nib which I found didn’t create the nice crisp line I love. I had to keep going over and over the line to get some crispness and even then it wasn’t that great. It was also very messy. The plastic gets caught on the lid as you move it and smudges the formula up onto the eyelids and even into the eyebrow at times (learn from my mistakes!). I’ve spent less than I did on this eyeliner ($9.99) and received a better product so it was very disappointing.
Australis Tickled Pink Lip Liner
This lip liner is a dusky rose which looks very natural on the lip whilst still adding colour. For the price of $9.49 you get a great, smooth formula and create pigmentation. 10/10 for this lip liner and I will definitely be purchasing more of their colours!
Overall, I can honestly say I’ve learnt a few things
  1. Plastic eye liner brushes are WEIRD
  2. Revlon brushes… not the best

Elle xx


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