My Everyday Makeup

Let’s look back a couple of months (like 3) where I posted about my boyfriend leaving all my makeup on a bus (a great event for emotional blackmail 😉 ). Waaaay back then, it was requested that I do my everyday makeup look. Well I spent hours making setting everything up and making sure I was recording. Buuut then technology happened and I lost all my close ups of my actual face 😦 So instead, here are the products I use with a description of how I use them.
Step 1: It’s all about that base
So we know it’s all about that base (sorry not sorry) when applying makeup. The first thing I do is take my L’Oreal Infallible foundation in the shade 11 Vanilla and blend this all over my face, neck and ears using my (poor broken) flat top foundation brush. I then take my L’Oreal True Match concealer in 2 Vanilla and put this under my eyes, on the middle of my chin and forehead and a small stripe on my nose, followed by a good blend using the same flat top brush.
To finish the base, I take my Nutrimetics Translucent Powder and do what I call a microwave bake. I apply the powder everywhere I applied the concealer using this Chi Chi angled blending sponge. I only let this sit until I have finished applying all the powder before brushing it off and spreading it around my face using my BH Cosmetics small powder brush.
Step 2: Attend to ze brows!


The next step in my routine is my brows. Now, if you’re looking for amazing brows like NikkieTutorials or any other amazing beauty Youtuber, you’ve come to the wrong place because I am all about making sure my brows look as natural as possible. To get rid of any loose powder or straying foundation in my brows, I use a BH Cosmetics spoolie brush to brush through my brows and clean them up a bit. I then takethe middle shade in the Eternal Brows palette and apply this with an eyeliner brush from BH Cosmetics, followed by a quick brush through with the spoolie to soften the look. I then take my Brow Fixer by Models Prefer (which I spoke about in my Mini Drugstore Makeup Review) and use the brush it comes with to apply the product to my brows so they set.
Step 3: The eyes are the nipples of the face!


The second last step in my routine is my eyes. Now I keep my eyes about as simple as I keep my brows and use only two products. On my bottom lashes I use a sample of They’re Real mascara by Benefit and on my top lashes I use the Rimmel Extremely Black Wonderful mascara. I put a generous amount of product on my lashes so they stand out (I like to draw focus to my lashes).
Step 4: Lip Lovin’


Finally, after all this work, I apply my lipstick. Sometimes I’ll just apply some lip balm or pawpaw cream but today I applied my Nutrimetics Lipstick in I don’t know what colour (all I know is it’s old and probably harbouring a small nation of germs).
So that is my entire everyday makeup routine. Again, I’m sorry all my filming and photos went down the drain but I do still have three super close ups!

Elle xx



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