My Everyday Skincare

How many of us have always wished for perfect skin with no spots, no dryness, no oil… *sighs* Although I in no means have perfect skin (and probably never will) I genuinely worry that as I get older my skin will get worse, so I’m being proactive (not a great choice in skincare by the way but that’s another story). After reading Caroline Hirons posts I decided to establish a super simple skincare routine and here it is!
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


This stuff is absolutely amazing! I use this to remove my makeup and cleanse my face when I wake up in the mornings. It’s so simple yet so effective and cuts through absolutely everything. My eye makeup has never come off so mess-free and quickly!
Natio Young Toning Lotion


I naturally have very oily skin but this toner has kept it under control. I just apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and rub it all over my face. I also use this for spot treating any major underground volcanoes that may appear on my face.
Iluka Hydrating Toner


I follow the first toner with this Iluka hydrating toner. I just spray in an X pattern over my face and wait for it dry. This spray just re-hydrates my skin a bit after the tough toner as I also have issues with dryness if my skin is too oil free.
Pond’s Aqua Collagen Serum


I’m terrified of getting wrinkles (especially as I’m trying to be a teacher so scowl lines are almost inevitable!) so I’m using this really simple collagen serum. I apply the smallest half-of-a-pea size drop under my eyes, two drops on my forehead and two on either side of my nose. I then blend each of them in making sure to not stretch my skin.
Sukin’s Mattifying Moisturiser


If my skin is feeling particularly oily at the time, I use a small amount of this mattifying moisturiser. It simply reduces the oiliness of my skin whilst also adding a small amount of moisture back into my skin.
Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream


This hand cream is actually the BEST hand cream in the world (not that I’ve tried them all). It’s such a thick consistency but it doesn’t leave an oily texture on your hands and it soaks in like a dream.
So this is my entire skincare routine. I do this once a day to make sure my skin doesn’t have a full on spaz out. That being said, if my hands are feeling particularly dry I will use the hand cream as much as I feel necessary.
Please let me know what you’d like to see me write about next! I’m thinking maybe a little opinion based something but I’m not too sure. Let me know!

Elle xx


My Everyday Makeup

Let’s look back a couple of months (like 3) where I posted about my boyfriend leaving all my makeup on a bus (a great event for emotional blackmail ūüėČ ). Waaaay back then, it was requested that I do my everyday makeup look. Well I spent hours making setting everything up and making sure I was recording. Buuut then technology happened and I lost all my close ups of my actual face ūüė¶ So instead, here are the products I use with a description of how I use them.
Step 1: It’s all about that base
So we know it’s all about that base (sorry not sorry) when applying makeup. The first thing I do is take my L’Oreal Infallible foundation in the shade 11 Vanilla and blend this all over my face, neck and ears using my (poor broken) flat top foundation brush. I then take my L’Oreal True Match concealer in 2 Vanilla and put this under my eyes, on the middle of my chin and forehead and a small stripe on my nose, followed by a good blend using the same flat top brush.
To finish the base, I take my Nutrimetics Translucent Powder and do what I call a microwave bake. I apply the powder everywhere I applied the concealer using this Chi Chi angled blending sponge. I only let this sit until I have finished applying all the powder before brushing it off and spreading it around my face using my BH Cosmetics small powder brush.
Step 2: Attend to ze brows!


The next step in my routine is my brows. Now, if you’re looking for amazing brows like NikkieTutorials or any other amazing beauty Youtuber, you’ve come to the wrong place because I am all about making sure my brows look as natural as possible. To get rid of any loose powder or straying foundation in my brows, I use a BH Cosmetics spoolie brush to brush through my brows and clean them up a bit. I then takethe middle shade in the Eternal Brows palette and apply this with an eyeliner brush from BH Cosmetics, followed by a quick brush through with the spoolie to soften the look. I then take my Brow Fixer by Models Prefer (which I spoke about in my Mini Drugstore Makeup Review) and use the brush it comes with to apply the product to my brows so they set.
Step 3: The eyes are the nipples of the face!


The second last step in my routine is my eyes. Now I keep my eyes about as simple as I keep my brows and use only two products. On my bottom lashes I use a sample of They’re Real mascara by Benefit and on my top lashes I use the Rimmel Extremely Black Wonderful mascara. I put a generous amount of product on my lashes so they stand out (I like to draw focus to my lashes).
Step 4: Lip Lovin’


Finally, after all this work, I apply my lipstick. Sometimes I’ll just apply some lip balm or pawpaw cream but today I applied my Nutrimetics Lipstick in I don’t know what colour (all I know is it’s old and probably harbouring a small nation of germs).
So that is my entire everyday makeup routine. Again, I’m sorry all my filming and photos went down the drain but I do still have¬†three super close ups!

Elle xx


My Nail Polish Collection

Nail polish. By far my guilty pleasure. Those little bottles of colour staring out at me from beauty shops and chemists, just begging to be bought. By now, I’m almost sure my bank account makes a run for it every time I see a stand full of polishes.¬†People think I have a problem. I don’t think I do. I mean, some people collect stamps, others collect leaves. I just collect nail polish. Totally normal and not at all a waste of money!
I recently purged a lot of nail polishes I didn’t wear or had gone bad *dies inside* and so, I thought I’d share what I have left with swatches. A¬†fair few of these polishes I have painted onto a bunch of plastic tabs with fake nails attached so that I can see what the colour looks like out of the bottle. I bought these on eBay for around $5 at the time as a pack of 50.
So, without further ado, here is my nail polish collection.

Elle xx



My Perfume Collection

Okay let’s all be honest here. Who has an obscene amount of perfume?¬†I know I do but hey, at least I can smell different everyday!¬†I’m one of those people who, when I walk into Myer or Priceline or any other shop, I immediately go and destroy my nostrils in the perfume section. Don’t even let me near Perfume Warehouse or you’ll be stuck there with me for years! The fruity/floral scents with spicy undertones, the musky and powdery scents, the fresh airy scents… no matter what it is, I’ll be smelling it and no doubt falling in love with it. Over the past two years, I’ve bought and received more perfumes than a normal person should ever have and so, as an ongoing addict, I feel my first step is to share this collection with you. Who knows, maybe writing this will make me realise I need help! And so, without further ado, here is my perfume collection!
Sheer Lace – white cotton and pink lily notes
Sensual Blush – pink lotus and sultry woods
Summer Escape – sheer freesia and guava flowers
One Direction: Our Moment
Beyonce: Heat
Beyonce: Mrs Carter
Vera Wang: Lovestruck Floral Fresh
Vivienne Westwood: Naughty Alice
Sarah Jessica Parker: Lovely
Bvlgari: Rose Essentielle
Marc Jacobs Miniature Set – Daisy, Dot, Oh Lola! and Daisy Eau so Fresh
L’ancome Miniature Set – Poeme, Treson in Love, Hypnose, Treson and Miracle
Overall, I’d say I can justify my ridiculous amount of spending with just one quote;
No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.
– Coco Chanel

Elle xx

Mini Drugstore Makeup Review

**No boyfriends were hurt in the making of this blog**
Picture this… you’re travelling around for a month, living out of a suitcase. Just you and your boyfriend. You’ve reached your next destination and really need the bathroom. You say to your boyfriend “Would you mind grabbing my beauty case¬†from the bus before it leaves”.¬†
The next day, you go to do your makeup but can’t find the beauty case anywhere. Guilty boyfriend walks in and says “I left it on the bus“. If ever there was a time for you to rip out your hair, it’s now. Hundreds of dollars worth of makeup and beauty products are in that case which is now more than six hours away!
Well ladies and gents, this happened to me just this weekend. Being me (unable to live without my face) this is an issue but at the same time also a blessing. Yes you now have to spend a heap to buy your staple items again BUT it’s also the perfect chance for you to try something new! So, without further ado, I give you a review on the products I bought to tie my over until the company can get my beauty case back.
Rimmel Match Perfection Translucent Powder.
This powder seems to do the job in that it has kept my foundation and concealer in place all day with no creasing or anything! The packaging is pretty standard but there’s a cap over the powder which you need to keep in order to keep the sponge out of the product. There’s also no separation between the powder and the brush which made things quite messy when I was trying to get the (inevitable) excess powder of the brush. I’m pretty sure I inhaled more powder in one sitting than I’ve ever done! However, for the mere price of $15.95 I’d say you’re getting a great quality product.
L’Oreal True Match Concealer and L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hr Matte Foundation
Okay so I’d be lying if I said this was a product I’ve never tried before but hey, once you find your perfect foundation and concealer it’s hard to stray! I absolutely adore this combo and use it every day no matter the occasion. The foundation stays matte all day no matter what you’re doing, even if you’re exercising (I know… working out in makeup – sin #1). I find that a little goes a long way with this foundation but the concealer tends to run out quite quickly. Coming in at $19.95 for the concealer and $29.95 for the foundation, I’ve found these to be the most affordable products with a high end feel.
Revlon Diamond Stippling Brush
So I’ve never used Revlon brushes before (BH Cosmetics has my heart) but I honestly thought this would be better than it was. As I used it, I found that A LOT of hair was coming out of the brush and getting stuck in all sorts of places on my face. Not only were these long brush hairs but a lot of little hairs were coming off as well. The brush also has a lot of give when using it on the face so I found it quite difficult to blend. I was quite surprised by this brush as I consider Revlon to be quite up there in terms of drugstore makeup but this was just genuinely disappointing. In my opinion, the $13.95 for the brush was not justified.
Models Prefer Brow Fixer Clear Gel
I was genuinely surprised by this product. I usually fill in my brows with a powder and then use a coloured brow gel. However, this somehow made my brows look AMAZING! Like I’m talking filled in, even, no gaps and under control. The mascara brush was great at separating the hairs whilst still keeping everything neat. The product doesn’t saturate the brush either which allows for build-ability and no clumps! I paid $9.99 for this bottle but it’s much better than the price alludes to.
Fifth Avenue Black Mascara
This mascara formula is amazing, not to dry, not to liquidy, not clumpy on the eyelashes and glides on like a dream. The brush however, is not my cup of tea. As you can see from the picture, the bristles are in a patter of short, medium, long and then back again. This means that the eyelashes tend to all get clumped together and doesn’t allow for the natural wispy look I like on my lashes. I wish that the company had stuck with the traditional mascara wand as with the formula, I feel like the product could’ve been ten times better. However, for $7, I shouldn’t have expected too much
Models Prefer Liquid Liner in Jet Black
This was another product that was a bit odd. The formula is great; not to runny and glides on smoothly. The brush was just plain weird. Normally with liquid liners the brushes a made of fine hairs that mould to the eye and allow for a clean crisp line. This liner brush is a plastic nib which I found didn’t create the nice crisp line I love. I had to keep going over and over the line to get some crispness and even then it wasn’t that great. It was also very messy. The plastic gets caught on the lid as you move it and smudges the formula up onto the eyelids and even into the eyebrow at times (learn from my mistakes!). I’ve spent less than I did on this eyeliner ($9.99) and received a better product so it was very disappointing.
Australis Tickled Pink Lip Liner
This lip liner is a dusky rose which looks very natural on the lip whilst still adding colour. For the price of $9.49 you get a great, smooth formula and create pigmentation. 10/10 for this lip liner and I will definitely be purchasing more of their colours!
Overall, I can honestly say I’ve learnt a few things
  1. Plastic eye liner brushes are WEIRD
  2. Revlon brushes… not the best

Elle xx