Where Have I Been

Hi everyone!

Well, has it been awhile since I was on here! My life has been absolutely hectic lately; sorting out trips, studying my absolute butt off for uni and travelling left, right and centre. Don’t worry though, hopefully I’m back!! I’m going to be pre-writing a bunch of different posts because I’ve got a big trip coming up (which I’ll be posting about here, of course!) so let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see by just commenting on this post!! Thanks for all the support and I’ll be talking to you all soon with some super posts.

Elle xx


Port Macquarie Trip

Woops! One week in and I already missed a day of posting but hey, a girl can’t be tied to her computer all day or she’ll run out of fresh ideas! So here are couple of photos and Port Macquarie must-dos that I would 100% recommend to anyone visiting the area.
The first place we visited was Timbertown which is located in Wauchope, no more than half an hour from Port Macquarie. It’s described as a step back in time, 100 years ago from today and it’s exactly that. As soon as you walk through the gates it’s like walking back in time. You walk past the steam train, across the track and there you are in a world that could only have existed a 100 years ago. dirt tracks, shanty houses, horses and carriages, bullock drives, stocks, gaols, you can see it all.
The general admission is $24.50 and includes a horse drawn carriage ride, a steam train ride and a miniature railway ride. The horse drawn carriage was by far my favourite part and takes you on a SUPER bumpy trip through the town. The whole little village is so authentic and fun that you could spend days there, just completely absorbed in the world.
The second place we visited was Billabong Koala Wildldlife Sanctuary. This is a tiny little zoo located around 10km outside of Port Macquarie. This zoo is very hands on, allowing you to touch crocodiles, snakes, lizards, koalas, almost any animal that’s in the zoo, you can pet it. There’s also a walk-through enclosure where, for an extra dollar, you can feed kangaroos, joeys, wallabies and emus. The $26.50 also covers wildlife shows such as crocodile feedings and reptile shows.
The final place we went and spent most of our time at was Oxley Beach in Port Macquarie. Just off the beach is part of a 9km coastal walk which takes you around the entire coast of Port Macquarie. Off these walks are little worn trails which lead to cliff faces and viewing areas. Below is a photo off one of these cliffs.


The entire Port Macquarie region is absolutely beautiful. Warm, sunny and so typically coastal that it’s perfect. If ever you get the chance to be nearby, go and visit because it is definitely worth your time.

Elle xx